Over a romantic birthday meal

The most common proposal we hear of is over dinner in a nice restaurant as part of an extra special birthday surprise. It’s not unheard of to slip the ring into a champagne glass but make sure she sees the ring, we wouldn’t want anyone to have to apply the heimlich manoeuvre.

A Christmas to celebrate

Christmas is always a popular time to propose, it’s nice to have the whole family together to announce the news and make it an extra special Christmas. Just be careful of making the proposal in front of the whole family in case your would-be bride is on the shy side.

A holiday to remember

Second most popular way to propose is to go on holiday somewhere romantic and Paris is an easy weekend destination. But we don’t recommend you go to the top of the Eiffel tower if you or your loved one is terrified of heights, as it can make the proposal much more challenging than it needs to be.

Where you first met – recreate your first date

Many people choose to recreate that all important first date or propose at the place they first met. This isn’t an option that is good for everyone especially if you met somewhere unusual or un-romantic, like a supermarket or a swimming pool.

Get a dolphin to do the donkey work

One Mad About Diamonds customer had a stroke of genius while on holiday in Florida at SeaWorld, when he arranged for a dolphin to deliver the diamond engagement ring in its mouth. Needless to say that when the dolphin swam across he was relieved to see that it hadn’t swallowed the ring.

New year proposal

Public proposals are not for everyone, but if you arrange to have your proposal lighting up the horizon at the end of a new year's firework display like one Mad About Diamonds customer, you're sure to make a dramatic impact and get everyone's attention. A new year proposal is a great way to get the new year off to a good start but if you're saying it with fireworks remember that once they light that fuse there’s no turning back.