Whether loose or set in gold or silver jewellery, gemstones are a symbol of elegance and romance. Many clichés have come about regarding diamonds, who could forget Marilyn Monroe when she sang “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” in the iconic 50’s film Gentlemen prefer blondes. The image of Marilyn draped in the dazzling maze of diamonds is eternally embedded in our collective consciousness. Diamonds are number one on most women’s wish lists, so whenever you give someone a diamond as a gift, it really makes them feel quite special. Mad about diamonds has a great selection of diamond dress rings. The beauty of dress rings is that they are suitable for every occasion.

Mad About Diamonds also specialise in the creation of handmade engagement rings, incorporating magnificent diamonds to match your bride to be. We have a huge selection of rings to choose from, including variances in metals, styles and diamond quality. Why not check out our product pages, to find an engagement ring uk, tailored to your specific requirements.

The choice of ring for your diamond dress ring is an important decision to make. With the modern trend leaning towards platinum, this metal is a tough metal that creates a beautiful setting for any diamond. If platinum is out of your price range, why not try a white gold engagement ring? White gold is a similarly hard wearing metal and also retains the shimmery grey colour which highlights the accents of diamond so well.

All of the jewellery from Mad About Diamonds is made in a UK workshop and is presented in an elegant polished wooden box. Even if your loved one is not a materialistic kind of person, a diamond in her possession can really make her feel special. The price of a diamond around the neck of a woman does not necessarily translate the intensity of love that a man could give; however, it does express how much he loves and adores her.