Diamond certificates are important because:

  1. A diamond certificate provides a guarantee of the exact quality of your diamond
  2. A diamond certificate can help to get appropriate insurance cover
  3. A diamond certificate can identify your specific diamond
  4. A diamond certificate ensures that the diamond has a higher resale value
  5. A diamond certificate gives you total peace of mind


At Mad About Diamonds all our certified diamonds come from one of the following top grading labs:


Gemological Institute of America



International Gemological Institute.



Diamond High Council of Belgium



These three labs provide the most highly respected grading certificates in the world. When you purchase a diamond engagement ring from Mad About diamonds you can be totally assured of its quality because of the professional reputation of these prestigious diamond institutions.

Beware of purchasing diamonds from any internet retailer that does not offer diamonds certificated from a highly regarded grading lab - the diamonds are likely to be of an inferior quality. It is not uncommon for some retailers to issue their own certificates which may be worthless.

Buying a diamond engagement ring from Mad About Diamonds will ensure that you get a diamond graded by one of the highest authorities on diamonds and you can be guaranteed of its value, giving you total peace of mind.